Vårt eget märke?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Our own brand? - A qualitative study of loyalty to the grocery trade's private labels Research question: Is there any form of loyalty to private labels in the Swedish grocery trade, and what are the reasons for this? Purpose: To investigate the reasons behind consumers' loyalty to private labels in the Swedish grocery trade. As part of this, consumers' tendency for variety-seeking against private labels is also examined. Methodology: Empirical data has been collected through 12 semi-structured in-depth interviews, where the respondents have been hand-picked to contribute a variety of perspectives on the subject. Theoretical perspectives: Using theory about consumer behavior, loyalty and variation search, the collected material has been processed and analyzed. Models used include the buying process and Oliver’s loyalty phases. Central is also the concept pair attitude and behavioral loyalty. Result: Strong loyalty to EMV is unusual and is due to different attitudes towards EMV's different quality segments. The respondents to the standard and eco-segment have the strongest loyalty. Conclusions: There are a number of reasons that underlie loyalty to private labels, and a lack of these also seems to lead to low or no loyalty. The reasons are that: private labels is perceived as affordable, feels safe and reliable, a positive attitude towards the store chain is reflected in its private label, that an individual private label-product is perceived as very good and that an individual private label-product has certain salient attributes.

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