Konflikten på skolgården : En vetenskaplig essä om konflikthantering utifrån en fritidslärares perspektiv

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen

Sammanfattning: This is a scientific essay where I investigate and reflect on issues that have to do with conflicts and conflict management in school.The essay is based on a personal experience and is written from my professional experience in order to provide a greater understanding of the complex collaboration between educators and guardians. How do we best inform guardians when something happens to their children during the school day? Is it at drop-off and pick-up or are there other good contact routes? Conflicts are something we encounter throughout life, in many different contexts. Then it is important to learn how to handle difficult situations.School and leisure center are a social environment where large groups of people interact and integrate with each other. What do the governing documents say about the cooperation between the school and the home? My essay starts with a story about a self-experienced incident. It starts with a conflict in the schoolyard where the guardians afterwards needed to be informed about what happened to their child during the school day. The conversations with the guardians are completely different. One guardian is grateful for the information received about their child, while the other guardian directly assumes a defensive position. Why? How can we educators accommodate these "dissatisfied" guardians in a good way? I will examine myself and my own reflections. In the analysis I make use of my practical wisdom that I have accumulated through the experience I have. What can I become better atin the execution of my practical professional competence in the field? The conflict management models I use to reflect on my dilemma are “Cohan`s Conflict Pyramid” and “Mini Mediation” (Hakvoort & Friberg 2019).

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