Könsrelaterat våld : Istanbulkonventionen, Sveriges ansvar och arbete för att skydda kvinnors rättigheter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet

Sammanfattning: Gender related violence is a recognized problem in today’s society in the world and in Sweden. It is present in all cultures and in all types of societies. The issue has gained more attention in Sweden and in the world in the last decades, and through The Istanbul convention serious action has been taken to try to prevent and eliminate the problem. The purpose with this essay is to examine how Sweden, as a country that has signed and ratified the convention, is working preventive and legislative towards ensuring the human rights for women and towards eliminating gender related violence. The result shows that this is an important political question in Sweden, even before the ratification of The Istanbul convention actions had been taken trying to prevent the violence. After the convention Sweden has coordinated the measures taken against the problem. New government agencies have been established, only working with questions relating to the violence, and existing agencies have been given more responsibility to ensure that information and research will reach as many citizens as possible. The result also shows that Sweden’s government consider that the reason that the problem exists is the norms and the social structures in society. If these norms and structures are changed and equality between genders is obtained the problem with gender related violence will disappear and through that the human rights will not be violated. 

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