Är det någon här som är ickebinär? En samtalsanalys av normöverskridande könsbenämningar bland unga feminister

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för filosofi, lingvistik och vetenskapsteori

Sammanfattning: Purpose: To examine the ways in which a group of feminists use words that describe gender identities outside society's norms, such as ickebinär (non-binary) or transkvinna (trans woman). Another purpose was to look into whether or not these feminists are a part of the alleged fourth wave of feminism, and if this would show through their choice of words.Method and Material: The method used in this essay is conversation analysis (CA) inspired by Jennifer Coates, and feminist CA by Celia Kitzinger. The material on which the analysis is done was collected in September and October 2015. It consists of the recordings of two meetings and one group discussion with Bergströmskafeministerna, a feminist student club at a high school in Sweden. The recordings were transcribed using CLAN software.Result: The analysis showed that the informants had four different types of uses for the word ickebinär: norm-breaking gender specific function (used when the person referred to is neither male nor female), unknown gender (used when the speaker is unaware of the sex of the person referred to), gender neutral function (used instead of ”he/she” etc.) and meta function (used when the word itself is discussed).The group members never defined themselves as fourth wave. Nevertheless they discussed issues associated with the fourth wave such as intersectionality, the usage of social media, and deconstruction of sexual identities as binary.

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