Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Sammanfattning: The changes taking place in the retail setting, both in consumer behavior and technological advancements, are making consumers’ shopping experiences continually more intricate, especially for the younger generation who have come to expect a digital customer journey. Many retailers are moving towards an omnichannel strategy to cater to these new customer experiences to take form; however, the research on the customer journey in an omnichannel environment from the customer point of view is still sporadic. Hence, this study has aimed to examine how the customer journeys take form in an environment where omnichannels are under development, focusing on what impact the mobile devices have had and how the mobile devices have influenced the impulsiveness and contemplativeness of these customer journeys. Using an exploratory, mixed-methods approach including primarily a qualitative focus with quantitative aspects in the data-gathering, an understanding is developed about the arising customer journeys experienced. The respondents were sampled through convenience by several criteria, and the data collected through three phases of (1) structured interview, (2) shopping diary, (3) in-depth interview. The article makes four main contributions to the body of customer journeys, mobile shopping, and omnichannel retail research. First, three types of customer journeys were suggested; the impulsive journey, the planned journey and the inspired journey. Second, six aspects were identified as triggers that could propel or sway the customer towards a purchasing decision. Third, the study contributed to the understanding of mobile devices’ influence on impulsiveness and contemplativeness. Finally, by mapping the customer journeys and what eventual triggers are most influential for the customers, it contributes with managerial implications to help retailers better implement their omnichannel strategies to maximize the customer experience for today’s customer journeys.

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