Visualization of Chatbot Survey Results

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Människa-datorinteraktion

Sammanfattning:  Chatbots are an increasingly popular technique that has seen recent steps in development thanks to artificial intelligence. There is research conducted about chatbots in different areas, but one area that is overlooked is the presentation of data collected by the chatbot. This study aimed to explore what to think about in terms of visualizations when designing an interface in order to present chatbots results to novice users. Conducting a user study with several iterations of design, the research question was: How do you visualize the results of a chatbot survey for novice users to facilitate the understanding of the data? To answer this question, four design iterations with a total of 17 participants were conducted, resulting in a final prototype. The data gathered was then analyzed using thematic analysis. The results failed to help answering the research question, but did give some suggestions on interface visualization, mainly the importance of using visualizations that are carefully selected to improve the understanding of the data presented. Moreover, this study suggests the importance of focusing on the participant’s deeper level of understanding and their conceptual models. 

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