Hitta rätt och hitta lätt på kommunens webbsajt : En studie av navigationsstrukturer på svenska kommunsajter

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Högskolan Väst/Institutionen för ekonomi och it

Sammanfattning: The Internet is the main source of information for many of us, regardless of whether it is a telephone number, train timetables or information from the municipality we are looking for. The purpose of this essay has been to study navigation on municipalities’websites and how its design and structure affect users' opportunities to find important information. The results show that there are several parts of the navigation that are important to make it easy to find information. How well connected the different pages of the website are and how easily you can reach other pages on the site. A clear main navigation with well-chosen names for the different categories. A consistent word choice throughout the site and that the name of the links leads the user's thoughts on the right track. The opportunity to see where on the site you are and clearly marked links. All of these are examples of things that in our empirical study prove to be of importance to the user. 

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