(Ur)kunden har alltid rätt : En studie om plagiat och användandet av plagiatkontrollsystem vid ett svenskt lärosäte

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan Väst/Avd för medier och design

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this study was to better understand how the universities in Sweden work to prevent plagiarism, how they use plagiarism detection tools and what knowledge the students have or wish to have about plagiarism. This was studied through interviews with teachers and administration staff from one smaller university in Sweden together with a questionnaire for students attending any university in Sweden. The study shows that the information about plagiarism can be clearer from teachers according to the students, to prevent plagiarism as far as possible. It also shows that the university is already working to improve the information so that the students in a better way can understand, but it is hard to know how to give the information and what information that the students need. The examined university are using the system Urkund as a plagiarism detection tool and the study shows that teachers in general are satisfied with the system and how they use it. However, some teachers see an opportunity to use the detection tool in their teaching practises but need more knowledge of the system to do so efficiently. The students reportedly know what plagiarism means according to the study, but they do not have a deeper knowledge about it which they want from their universities, especially how the school is handling plagiarism cases and how the plagiarism detection tool works. The study concludes with recommendations for the universities to improve their work against plagiarism.

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