Samordnade varuleveranser till gallerior - Hur kan det appliceras på centrala gatustråk?

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Författare: Tobias Pier; [2015]

Nyckelord: Earth and Environmental Sciences;

Sammanfattning: Due to the fact that urbanization increases cities are getting denser. With increasing population comes increased demand for goods and services. However, the more transportation of goods within urban areas the more greenhouse gases is emitted and particular matter spread. In addition to this, an increasing amount of heavy vehicles lead to noise pollution and congestion, which could limit a city’s economic growth and make it less attractive to live in. To address the problem transportation of goods within urban areas must become more efficient. A solution could possibly be the usage of urban consolidation centres, located outside the city centre, to where goods are delivered and consolidated into smaller and more efficient vehicles for the last mile distribution. This study examines the success factors and barriers for previous European projects using an urban consolidation centre. Furthermore, the study looks at what lessons could be learned from the concept used at shopping centres when it comes to consolidating deliveries. Two interviews were made with the landlords of Triangeln and Malmö Central Station respectively to learn more about their concepts regarding delivery of goods. The literature review of previous projects showed that the most important parameter to make the concept economically viable is the number of packages delivered using the consolidation centre. Furthermore, value-adding services such as waste removal and storage during short periods could be included as success factors. The concepts of the shopping centres differed by some means from the ones of central street streaks. Primarily, the participation from the retailers is compulsory for the studied shopping centres in Malmö and secondly, the landlords are sole owners of the concept and the number of actors involved is fewer.

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