Standardisering- mellan möjlighet och utmaning

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Author: Shadi Taha Title: Standardization between opportunity and challenge - A qualitative study about professionals' experiences of the Individual's needs in the center (IBIC). Supervisor: Staffan Blomberg Assessor: Torbjörn Hjort & Norma Montesino The aim of this study was to examine and analyze social workers' views and experiences on the working model (IBIC) and how they use them in working with service users. Further, the aim was to explore and discusses the meeting between the social worker and the user from a power perspective to emphasize how the user's self-determination and influence can be understood. The empirical material of my study consists of eight semi-structured interviews with social workers working in several Swedish municipalities, with a focus on disabled citizens. Theoretically, the analysis primarily builds on Michael Lipsky theories of street-level bureaucracy and discretion as well as theories regarding professionalism. The results show that many of the social workers experienced that their profession had on some level been affected by the implementation of IBIC. The social workers had a rather negative view of working with IBIC as a tool. However, there were social workers who experienced that IBIC was a good tool to clarify the demands and expectations of the users. An important finding was that the interviewees experienced themselves as having a relatively large amount of discretion. The analysis indicated that it wasn’t the IBIC method itself that affected their discretion and work situation. It was the organizational and political demands that was the substantial problem, which limited their discretion to carry out quality social work.

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