Simkunnighetens betydelse ur ett lärarperspektiv : En kvalitativ studie om hur idrottslärare ser på simundervisningen i grundskolan

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH/Institutionen för idrotts- och hälsovetenskap



The purpose of this study is to, from a perspective of a PE teacher, look at how teachers of physical education in elementary school designs and assesses the teaching of swimming. The issues underlying the study are as follows:

Which elements are included in the swimming education and how do teachers work with these operations?

What does the PE teachers classify as swimming ability and what do teachers experience as obstacles for the students development of swimming ability?

How do the PE teachers interpret the knowledge requirement in Lgr 11?


The study is based on six interviews of qualitative nature, with PE teachers from various municipalities in the region of Mälardalen.


The result yielded by the study is that the swimming classes can take different forms depending on whom the teacher is. Common to all the teachers in the study is that they teach emergency management and lifesaving. When it later comes to teaching how to swim and practice, the teachers who teach in the younger age groups work more concentrated and continuously with swimming, while the teachers who work with the older age groups just checks whether students can swim or not. Some teachers in this study assesses the ability to swim a little differently than others. Some follow the SLS's definition and others what the knowledge requirement in Lgr 11 says. The obstacles that teachers say they do encounter, regarding to the development of students swimming ability, says to be budget, scheduling and students' views on the body. The teachers in the study believe that it is difficult to grade the students in swimming because the knowledge requirement in grade 6 and in grade 9 are equal. And also that the curriculum grade level is the same for A, C and E.


This study shows that physical education teachers' swimming classes are different from one another. It may depend on what age group the teacher is teaching, how much experience in the profession the teacher has and educational background.

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