En undersökning av insatsen för omkonstruktion av ett programvarusystem

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

Sammanfattning: There exists a large amount of old software that are still used by organizations and companies, despite their defects and expensive maintenance costs. This is because of their value to the businesses. To solve the issues with the old software, re-engineering can be used as a way to reuse and maintain these software. Through re-engineering code is modified or created with the purpose of solving the defects of the older systems and satisfy any new needs. The problem is that there are few investigations about how the effort (cost in time) that is required for re-engineering can be distributed through the phases that are part of re-engineering. The purpose of this thesis is to help organizations and companies plan their re-engineering, with the goal of giving quantitative data that shows how the effort required for re-engineering can be distributed between its different phases. This thesis has used qualitative research. In a literature study, knowledge was gathered about software development costs, re-engineering in general, and a process model for re-engineering. Action research was used to perform re-engineering, and to measure the efforts required for it and how the effort was distributed among the phases that are part of re-engineering. A number of criteria were created to contribute to the fullflling of the purpose and goal of the thesis. The result of the thesis is a compilation of the effort required. The compilation shows that two thirds of the total effort was spent on designing and implementing the new system. One quarter of the effort was spent on the analysis and planning phase. The remainder of the time, approximately one tenth of the total effort, was spent on the phases testing, documentation, acceptance and system transition and other tasks. The result shows that reengineering can be affected the most by influencing the phases where analysis and planning as well as design and implementation are performed. 

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