Elektrifiering av jordbruksmaskin : Direktkoppling till solföljare och elnät

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Uppsala universitet/Elektricitetslära

Författare: Oscar Lagnelöv; [2014]

Nyckelord: Traktor; lantbruk; förnybar; el; solföljare; solenergi; grön;


The agricultural sector is currently highly dependent on fossil fuels, with diesel being

most prominent. There are however both historical and modern alternatives that

have not been subject to enough evaluation to disregard them as suitable alternative.

This report aims to theoretically investigate the feasibility of converting a

conventional diesel driven tractor to run on electricity, delivered via a cable

connected to either the main power grid or on-site electric production, such as

photovoltaic. Delivering electricity to the machine via a cable is a method with

historical roots in the early 20th century and in the present day mining industry.

The economic and technological potential of the technique are evaluated, along with

the examination of several different motor powers, voltages, losses and construction

ideas. The report finds the technique to be both possible as well as long term

economically and environmentally beneficial. To realise this method however, some

deviations from the present methods of agricultural farming must be made,

considering the more advanced driving patterns, the limited mobility and the

requirement for extra driver awareness. Furthermore, this study finds further

research in this field necessary, and the construction of a functional prototype highly


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