Det digitala vårdmötet: En kvalitativ studie om hur Min Doktor arbetar med varumärkesbyggande och relationsskapande marknadskommunikation

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för strategisk kommunikation

Sammanfattning: Health care has always been based on the physical encounter and the relationship between doctor and patient, but the development of digital healthcare has changed these conditions. Therefore, this study intends to explore how Swedish digital healthcare centers are trying to create and maintain relationships with their patients, and how they communicate with their external stakeholders in order to position their brand. To find this out, one of the largest players in digital primary care in Sweden, Min Doktor, and their marketing communications is investigated. The study thus intends to increase knowledge about brand and relationship building communications in the development of Sweden’s digital healthcare. With a hermeneutic approach, a qualitative triangulation has been conducted through analysis of interviews and documents. Based on relevant theories and concepts within the field of strategic communication, the empirical material has been contextualised. The analysis shows that Min Doktor works actively with branding to strengthen their position as a digital healthcare provider in the Swedish market. This is primarily done online and by having a quality that permeates both the communication and the service itself, by actively respond to criticism and by a clear identity system. Furthermore, it appears that Min Doktor is making several communicative actions that are positive for their relationship building, which include the organisation’s name and logotype, a personal tone and offering additional free services. Finally, the fact that the digital healthcare has contributed to the ongoing change in the power balance between doctor and patient is highlighted.

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