Detta är en D-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Graduate Business School

Sammanfattning: Wallhamn is situated on Tjörn, an island on the Swedish west coast, and hasserved as a port since the middle of 1960. Today, Wallhamn is suffering adecrease in goods flow, and is now in a situation where something has to be done.The Board of Directors of Wallhamnbolagen AB are searching for alternativefields of action that can replace the old activities with a view to further securingjob opportunities and Wallhamn’s existence.Due to Wallhamn’s negative development in recent years, together with the loss ofimportant customers, the purpose of this thesis is to investigate the possibility forWallhamn to work as a third party logistic provider. We also aim to state anddefine different areas of importance for Wallhamn in order to create a successfullogistic and market strategy. The purpose is also to suggest which operativeactivities Wallhamn should offer their customers as a logistic provider, and alsohow these activities should be formed and managed.In order to be able to accomplish the purpose of the thesis, we have identified amain problem that this research aims to answer. The main problem that we haveidentified is, what possibilities are there for Wallhamn to work as a third-partylogistic (TPL) provider, and offer more logistical activities/services which addvalue for Wallhamn and their customers. In order to answer the main problem in asufficient way we have identified a number of sub-problems:- Who are the competitors and how do they work?,- What customer segments should Wallhamn focus on?,- How should Wallhamn as a TPL provider position themselves?,- How can Wallhamn increase their flow of goods?.To solve the thesis problems, we have conducted an exploratory study and usedpersonal in-depth interviews as our primary source. We have also conductedliterature studies to find theories that are relevant for each sub-problem. Theempirical research and the literature studies have given us a sufficient base onwhich we have build the thesis’ analysis, and that leads to the conclusions andrecommendations of this study.To summarise the conclusions and recommendations, we believe Wallhamn hasgreat potential in becoming a successful TPL provider however, becoming a TPLprovider will not be an easy task. In this thesis we will not be able to solve allproblems, instead we have focused our conclusions on three critical areas:Positioning, Customer segments, and Goods flow. We believe these are areasWallhamn must develop to become a successful actor in the TPL industry.

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