Odysseus irrfärd : Existentiella, psykologiska och religionshistoriska idéer i det homeriska eposet

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för idé- och samhällsstudier

Sammanfattning: This paper compares Odysseus and Achilles from an existential, psychological and religious perspectives in order to understand the Homeric characters and shed light on the importance of, particularly Odysseus, in our postmodern time. It starts by describing the Homeric field of research and the ideas about Odysseus that were common for the ancient Greek philosophers, and continues with the discussion of the topicality, value and advantage in studying the antiquity. In comparing Odysseus and Achilleus, the paper elaborates on the idea of the relationship between man and god, notably the relationship between Odysseus and Athena and Zeus respectively. It ends with the discussion of the divine connection between Zeus’ and Odysseus’ kingship.

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