Nyttan av Information Management En kvalitativ undersökning av komplexa organisationers informationshantering

Detta är en Master-uppsats från IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: The term information management refers to the systematic and responsiblemanagement of information so that the use of information contributes strategicallyto the organizational goals and gives individuals the access to make effective useof such information. The idea underlying information management is thatinformation is imperative for both organizations and individuals. Despite this,many organizations fail to capture the essence of information management.Indeed, recent studies shows that the content and scope of informationmanagement is seemingly diverse and abstract due to its connection to a largevariety of research disciplines and theories. Thus, the need for clarity and moreprecise definitions around the elusive term information management is necessary.This master’s thesis addresses this issue by look into how large and complexorganizations use information to demonstrate the benefits of informationmanagement. The empirical study was conducted using a qualitative approachthrough interviews with representatives from two major corporations, as well astwo respondents from two different consulting firms. The result indicates that thebenefits arises from the individual and the organizations ability to create, shareand strategically use the information. This have been summarized in terms of userbenefits and organizational benefits, where the user benefits arises from theindividuals ability to create meaning out of information which will form the basisfor organizational knowledge and future organizational benefits. Given theimportance of information management, the master’s thesis concludes that thebenefits of information management emerges both from an organizational and anindividual level, where the study has contributed to a holistic and comprehensiveview of the benefits of information management.

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