Socio- Economic and Cultural integration of Arab immigrants in Sweden: Integration Challenges and Strategies

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: In the last five years, Sweden is experiencing a sharp rise in the numbers of immigrants fromall over the world especially from the countries where living conditions are deterioratingsignificantly like the countries of the MENA region i.e. (Middle East and North Africa).Thenewly arrived Arab immigrants, who decided to leave their countries regardless their reasonswhile looking for a better life in Sweden, face the challenges of cultural and socio-economicintegration. Integration is a process which can be fulfilled in an effective manner undercertain conditions. These conditions manifest essentially in a mutual understanding andeffective communication to improve trust.The research questions of this thesis are:1) What are the integration strategies provided by the Swedish government? Are theyeffective?2) How do people from the Arab countries experience cultural differences betweentheir home countries and the Swedish culture? How do they experience theirintegration in Sweden?3) How should Sweden improve integration?The methodology applied in this thesis consists on the conduction of semi-structuredinterviews with some Arab immigrants and of a qualitative approach to analyze participants’responses. The opinions of immigrants who have been interviewed depict that integrationstrategies in Sweden are effective but more consideration of intercultural communication anda focus on labour market integration can lead to improvement of the process of integration inthe country.

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