Naturen som katalysator : en studie av yrkesverksammas perspektiv på naturens roll vid rehabilitering

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från SLU/Department of People and Society

Sammanfattning: In rehabilitation of stress-related mental illness where nature is used as support, this study examines how professionals engaged in nature interventions describe the activities and what dimensions they perceive as essential for nature interventions to be active. Three people working in Sweden in nature-assisted rehabilition organisations are interviewed about their experiences. The material describes how nature interventions can break negative spirals of stress and create good conditions so that healing processes can occur. This by offering recovery, natural environments and activities where forest walks and gardening activities are mixed and adapted to the participant's needs and choice. The outcome is discussed in the light of previous environmental psychological research and describes how rehabilitation processes take place in different sequences where the individual's ability to feel calm, permissiveness and joy is essential leading to new perspectives and new skills, which in turn makes it easier for the individual to relate for the need of control and reorientation. Nature's rhythm with associated seasonal changes and environmental qualities as well as the supervisor's professional guidance reveals as central to the description of the activities and participants' development of new habits with increased use of nature and physical activity. Support from research is requested regarding documentation, evaluation and frameworks. A concluding question ends the study of the connection between nature and increased physical activity, and if habits of being in nature occur.

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