Skolsköterskors erfarenheter av hälsofrämjande arbete med överviktiga barn – underlättande och försvårande faktorer

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Sammanfattning: Background: Obesity is increasing around the world because of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle and changed dietary intake. Obesity increases the risk of sequelae such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Research also shows that the risk of obesity increases if the person has been overweight already as a child. To minimize the risk of poor health and illness which obesity can lead to, it is important to invest resources early in school age. The school nurse becomes the first natural contact in the school environment as she follows students' physical development by measuring height and weight and has the provision of identifying problems and promoting healthy living habits for the student.Aim: To identify and describe school nurses' experiences of aggravating and facilitating factors in the health-promoting work with children suffering from overweight and obesity.Method: A systematic literature study based on eight qualitative articles from the years 2010-2020 was conducted.Results: Three main themes emerged with different sub-themes based on facilitating and aggravating factors. The main themes that emerged were: The school's organization and resources, the family and individual factors related to the school nurse. “School organization and resources” included a total of seven sub-themes, while “Family” and “Individual factors related to the school nurse” each included five sub-themes.Conclusion: The study shows, based on the school nurses' experiences, that there are several of both facilitating and aggravating factors in health promotion work. The results also show that there is a strong correlation between these factors, where the aggravating factors become more prominent if the facilitating factors are absent. The knowledge about this result can be applied to future health-promoting work against childhood obesity and thereby facilitate and ease the school nurse's work in this area.

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