Omvårdnadsåtgärder för att främja patienters sömnkvalitet på IVA

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Sammanfattning: Background: Sleep is a basic need in humans and in critical illness, the need for sleep increases even further. Sleep deprivation can lead to mental and physical complications, which can result in prolonged recovery and intensive care time. Previous research has shown that intensive care patients do not get enough sleep and rest. The intensive care environment itself presents a major challenge for the intensive care nurse to work in a sleep-promoting way.Aim: The purpose of the study is to identify and describe nursing strategies that the nurse with specialist training in intensive care can use to promote the patient's sleep quality on the intensive care unit.Method: The method is a systematic literature study in which only quantitative articles are included. The data collection was carried out through systematic searches in the databases CINAHL, PubMed and PsykInfo. Selected items were analyzed and quality reviewed according to the SBU quality review template. The results are also presented using descriptive statistics.Results: Overall, the results of these studies show that nursing strategies can have major positive effects on patients' sleep quality. The results also show that nursing measures to improve sleep can lead to improved vital parameters,Conclusion: According to international studies, there are several nursing strategies that the nurse with specialist training in intensive care can use individually or together to promote the patient's sleep quality. These are: earplugs, eye mask, music, white noise, massage and acupressure.

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