Betala eller inte betala min bostadshyra eller mitt bolån? : En kvantitativ studie om sambandet mellan det ekonomiska och sociala kapitalets påverkan på den svenska populationens betalningsförmåga av bostadshyra eller bolån

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för samhällsstudier (SS)

Sammanfattning: Most of the studies today only focus on the aftermath of someone losing their home, but who are the people that are living with the daily risk of losing their home? The aim with my research paper was to examine the people having issues with paying their rent or mortgage on time with help of Pierre Bourdieu's social and economical capital theory. In the beginning of my writing progress I already had some knowledge about the problem, because of my internship. The data used was taken from Eurobarometer and the data was already coded and put into the Statistic Package for Social Science (SPSS) to create cross tabs and look closer at Pearson's chi-square and Sperman to see if there existed any correlations between the different variables. After analyzing the charts a pattern started to emerge of it all being a question of prioritization. Nobody wants to lose their home and usually it is the last thing to not get prioritized. The connection with economic capital could we see in that respondents did rather not pay for other utility bills, food and daily consumer gods then being in risk of losing their home. In relation to the social capital we could see that people that had a higher rate of not being able to pay their rent or mortgage live with a higher rate of poor people in their area.

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