Effektivare personalutnyttjande i entreprenadföretag

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Utbildningar i Helsingborg

Sammanfattning: In Sweden, there is a great demand for construction. At the same time, construction companies must increase their profitability. This requires the development of systems for improved communication and interaction. Especially now when the industry is facing massive retirements, there is a risk that knowledge will be lost. To ensure quality the companies also need to involve their employees so they take greater responsibility. The intention with the report is to study the possibilities for construction companies to create a more efficient building process through making better use of the employees’ qualifications. Problems with communication, planning and the working environment have been identified in the background of this report and they have been the starting point for this report. Representatives from six construction companies, of different sizes and in different stages of development, have been interviewed. This method was chosen in order to give a broad picture of how the construction industry can be more efficient. The research question is based on the idea that a construction company could use their employees’ qualifications better, by improving communication and interaction. This statement is shown to be true and improvement can be achieved by applying different efficiency concepts and their recommended actions through activities. Most efficiency concepts advocate experience feedback and regular meetings. Regular meetings was one of the activities that was most used and which also was adapted to the company’s own organisation. The activities that were shown to be the most profitable to invest in are experience feedback, visual communication and joint planning of work preparations. Joint planning and experience feedback throughout the building process are excellent ways to improve the use of available knowledge. The results of this report are of importance for construction companies who have problems with communication and interaction. To succeed with this strategy, the company should also be imbued with the ambition to constantly evolve. Because a key point to improve efficiency is to create a work environment that engages employees and gives them the opportunity to contribute to the development.

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