Hus i Stockholm eller Stockholmshus? : En studie av Stockholms bostadspolitiska spjutspetsprojekt ”Stockholmshusen” under skilda stadshusmajoriteters politiska flagg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från KTH/Urbana och regionala studier

Sammanfattning: “Stockholmshusen” is a project to produce rental housing for the municipality of Stockholm's three public housing companies in a faster and more efficient way. Through a simplified construction process and a collaborative way of working, the main purpose is to reduce construction costs and thereby get lower rental costs for tenants. The project is a close collaboration between the municipality owned housing companies and the municipal administrations, which together developed a house concept adapted to Stockholm. In 2016, the goal was set to produce 3500-5000 homes by 2020. The project was initiated politically due to housing shortage, high new production costs and long planning processes that characterized Stockholm's housing market in the beginning of the 2010s. After the municipal elections in 2014, the newly-installed city hall majority commissioned parts of the municipal to develop the new concept. In a case study this report examines the municipal of Stockholm's decision-making process, politically and inside the administrations, from the initiation in the City Council to the first tenant's move in. An important question raised in the study is how the project was affected by the change of majority after the municipal elections in 2018. The study is based on a qualitative method based on document studies, literature studies and interviews with two politicians from previous and current city hall majority. Since the Stockholmshusen project was initiated politically and at the same time spans two periods of political mandate, the meetings of the building committee (in charge of decisions regarding new buildings) has been examined in order to draw conclusions how the project has changed after the change of majority in 2018. The committee's meetings and the interviewed politicians' answers, describe the new majority's view of the Stockholmhusen project. Due to the criticism that the new majority pointed out during his time in opposition, it has been interesting to follow how the project changed due to the change of majority. The conclusion of this study presents that the new majority in the city hall intends to finalize the project but with a different focus on block structure and building volume. At the time this report was written, only a handful decisions regarding the project’s new direction has been made from the new city hall majority. A future study, for example when the project is finalized, could more accurately describe change in the Stockholmshusen project.

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