Konceptuell studie av gångjärn i titan för glasögonbågar

Detta är en M1-uppsats från

Författare: Alice Avestedt; Anton Hedström; [2017]

Nyckelord: Produktutveckling;

Sammanfattning: This report presents a final thesis in product development and design at Jönköping University. The mission was to design a new hinge for glasses. The report is written by Alice Avestedt and Anton Hedström. In the start of the project a pre-study was made on the topic to increase the understanding and to get inspiration from earlier solutions. To create new solutions, the writers looked for similar movements and products in other fields except glasses. This helped making it easier to create new solutions and think outside the box. To gather the information and make it easy to view the writers created both an image board and an idea board. After the pre-study the idea and concept generation was made. This part of the work focused on getting solutions to the problem. With help from the idea and image board five concepts was created that was chosen to keep improving. To further test the function and movements of the components mock-ups was created. For concepts that required CAD models, they were created in Solid Works. When the concepts were done the writers selected which one to keep working with. The purpose was to find the concept which most fulfilled the requirements from the company. To help make this decision a Pugh’s matrix was used. Here the requirements were weighted based on importance and the concepts were compared to each other. The result was a new hinge which can be used on titanium glasses and has a new design solution. 

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