Implementering av medicinsk yoga som en del i folkhälsoarbete

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för arbets- och folkhälsovetenskap




Hansson, C. (2015). Implementation of medical yoga as part of public health work .

Bachelor thesis in Public Health science. Department of work- and public health science. The academy of health and working life. University of Gävle, Sweden.


Introduction This paper aimed to explore and describe the implementation of medical yoga in the health promotion sector in Sweden.


Method The method was of qualitative design, and telephone interviews were conducted with people working in public health promotion that was using medical yoga in their work with patients.


Result Results indicate that the implementation of medical yoga can be described by the theory Diffusion of innovation. The informants described high observability, simplicity (low complexity) and relative advantages and few obstacles and barriers with implementation of the innovation medical yoga. The channel that promotes medical yoga and the place where the innovation are implemented are the Swedish healthcare system. The people who work there seems to be the target group of the innovation. Medical yoga is spreading through the people who are practicing medical yoga in their work.


Conclusion Conclusions are that the five stages model and the key factors of Diffusion of innovations can be part of the explanation and identifying the cause of how and why the implementation of medical yoga has been made by the informants. The innovation is appreciated by the informants and has perceived health benefits and few barriers.

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