Impact of green marketing on consumer buying behavior: The mediating role of environmental knowledge. : A quantitative study in the context of Pakistan

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för ekonomivetenskap och juridik

Sammanfattning: Green marketi ng is aimed at directing a company‘s efforts to undertake the processes of designing a product, its promotion, pricing, and distribution in a way that can help to protect the environment. The current study is aimed at investigating the influence of green marketing practices including eco-labeling, green branding and green advertising on consumer buying behavior in Pakistan which is a developing country. The study has also analyzed the mediating effect of environmental knowledge in the relationship between green marketing practices and consumer buying behavior. The research useda quantitative approach and a structured survey questionnaire to collect data from 300 respondents. The study results revealed that green advertising and green branding has a significant positive relationship with consumer buying behavior while eco-labeling is not a significant predictor for this purpose. Moreover, environmental knowledge partially mediates the relationship between green marketing and consumer buying behavior. In this way, the current study has contributed to literature by analyzing the green marketing practices with and without the presence of environmental knowledge in Pakistan. The results of the research are helpful for marketers to emphasize more on green advertising being the strong predictor of consumer buying behavior. It also urges them to make their environmental friendly activities closer to reality in order to gain greater acceptability from consumers. However, the study has not taken into account alldimensions of green marketing and the sample responses belong to the population in only urban areas of Pakistan.

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