Den trojanska bloggen : Bloggreklam, en effektiv marknadsföringskanal?

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för ekonomi och företagande

Sammanfattning: Purpose 
The purpose of this paper is from a consumer perspective analysis whether or not blogs are affecting a customer’s purchase behaviour to a larger extent compared to traditional marketing methods through TV commercials. Additionally, within the scope of this try to identify the type of consumers that are more influenced to a purchase decision by blog contents compared to others.

Through a quantitative approach this study will examine the effectiveness of advertising in blogs. A survey was used in order to collect data where the respondents corresponded to the population in Sweden in the ages 15-79. Initially the size of the blog audience was estimated and thereafter it was examined how many of these that were affected towards a purchase decision by blogs. Finally a profile of these highly interesting individuals was presented based on demographic variables. In parallel the traditional marketing channel – TV commercials – was analysed in the same manner. Subsequently, to be able to map out the effectiveness of blogs a distinct comparison to TV commercials were made.

More than half of the population is reading blogs to some extent and a tenth of these are reading blogs regularly. The success of blogs can largely be attributed to the fact that the usage of the Internet is growing in today’s society and to interact with new media is enticing. The majority, 82 % are avoiding TV commercials by either switching channels or leaving the TV set. 30 % are affected in their purchase behaviour by recommendations received via blogs while a mere 8 % admit that they are influenced by TV commercials. Based on these conclusions it is determined that blogs are a fairly effective marketing channel. The ideal target group for blog marketing is women between the ages 15-29 that are single, living in a large city in the middle of Sweden, with an unknown occupation and prefer fashion and music blogs.

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