Nätbaserad utbildning för en hållbar besöksnäring

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Skolan för teknikvetenskap (SCI)


A system to regulate both quality and sustainability regarding Swedish tourism industry is under way. In order for the system to be successfull it needs to be accompanied by an education, in this case a net based education is studied.

High requirements are demanded for a successful net based education for a sustainable tourism industry. This is valid both for the didactic area,  which is how an education is structured and planned and in the organisational area, which is how and education best is implemented in a company. The aim with this study is to increase the understandings of which aspects that are important for  developers  if this net based education. The study was conducted at three hostels in Stockholm with surrondings. 

Both managers and  employees participated in the study.  The managers where interviewed and got to answer a questionniare. The employees participated in a workshop. The outcome of this study indicates that education is  needed for  a successful system. Following the resut an analysis and discussion from where a  couple of  conclusions and recommendations is derived  for a successful  development  of a net based education in quality and sustainability for hostels. These are in summary  that:

The education should consist to a great amount social activities.

The education should promote questioned reflections in collaboration with others.

The education should be relevant for every participant.

It should exist a common part which is the same for every participant.

Good leadership is of most importance when implementing a new education.

The education should be attached with sufficient implementation information.

A net based forum should be established as a complement to the education.

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