Den avskedade torsken Paolo Roberto : En kvalitativ studie om hur svensk kvällspress ramade in fallet när Paolo Roberto blev gripen för sexköp

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för medier och journalistik (MJ)

Sammanfattning: On the 14th of may 2020, the Swedish TV- personality and entrepreneur Paolo Roberto was captured by the police when he bought sex from a prostitute. The next day he went out on television and apologized to the people and described himself as a victim by blaming the purchase of sex on his self-harming behavior. This announcement became a scandal and the result was that all of the newspapers started to write about it. This case study’s purpose was to see how Paolo Roberto’s purchase of sex was framed, how the prostitute and also how prostituion was framed in two tabloid newspapers, Aftonbladet and Expressen, from a scandal perspective. This case study also studied if the newspapers describe the sexbuyers position or the prostitutes situation.  Framing analysis was the method that was used in the case study of 20 news articles, 10 from each newspaper.  The results of this study shows that the sexbuyer Paolo Roberto is framed as the “fired entrepreneur” and all of the focus was on his company that fired him and ended their cooperation with him. Another two frames included “Lack of personality” and “Loss of sexual norms”. In this frames actors and well known persons were interviewed and they talked about his punishment, that he didn`t understand the sexual norms, and his lack of personality. The prostitute was framed as a “victim” when she got mentioned in the newspaper, which wasn´t much. She also got a frame for “not mentioned at all” and another frame when she was mentioned she got “The women from one of Europe's poorest countries”. There was no other information about her, so the reader gets no more information about who she is more than a “poor woman” or just a “woman”. This left the reader to construct the prostituted woman by themself. The frame of prostituion was when it was mentioned, which wasn’t much, to “Fight prostitution” and means that all focus is to catch the sexbuyers. Another frame that was discovered was “Is there any prostituion?” because prostitution is not mentioned in the news articles. This was because Paolo Roberto’s sex purchase got all of the attention with his companys and other people´s opinions.

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