Automatic 3-axis component placementsystem with visual alignment formixed technology PCBs

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Författare: Vasileios Bimpikas; [2016]

Nyckelord: ;

Sammanfattning: For the needs of the present master thesis, a Pick & Place machine for through-holecomponents with insight in three axes was studied and implemented. What motivatedthis endeavour was the trend to increasingly automated production lines in theelectronics manufacturing industry. Certain through-hole elements require furthermodifications, such as the screwing of heatsinks on them post the placing andsoldering.That implies that a certain distance from the board is ensured when placing andsoldering the components, which involves further manual labour for securing thecomponents at the desired height until they are soldered, thus increasing the cost andlowering the productivity. Therefore, the resulting system that was developed, placesthrough-hole components at the desired height. For the needs of this, a steppermotor system, operating in open loop, was placed on a prototype mechanical tablethat provided motion in three axes using a belt-and-pulley approach for the needs oftesting and evaluation. For additional robustness, a vision system was integrated aswell. By locating the fiducial markers of the board, it is possible to detect offset in Xand Y axes, as well as rotation of the board that was introduced during its placement.The C code that manipulates the motors was combined with the C++ code of thevision system that uses OpenCV in a GUI for increasing the ease of useand user-friendliness in general.The developed system resulted in a positioning accuracy of 0.7 mm, whereas thevision system counteracted the misalignments of sample boards with an accuracy ofup to 0.4 mm. A soldering system operating in tandem with the developed placingsystem has been left as future work, to complete the automated placement ofdiscussed components in desired height, which ultimately eliminates the additionalmanual work during the PCB manufacturing process

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