"Jag drar mig tillbaka i glappet, som också är en spricka" : Ett nomadiskt subjekt blir till i Nina Bouraouis Sauvage

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Litteraturvetenskap

Sammanfattning: In this essay called I withdraw into the gap, which is also a crevice. A nomadic subject comes into being in Nina Bouraoui’s Sauvage, I investigate which aspects in the novel play an important part in relation to the protoganist Alya’s process of becoming a subject in the passage from childhood to adulthood. Through Rosi Braidotti’s theories on the nomadic becoming of a subject I investigate a becoming that is nonunitary, non-linear and constantly changing. This becoming happens in the novel between affects like fear, violence, desire and different experiences of time, and also through a non-chronological narrative and a language which can both deceive, and create the world.       My results show that becoming in Sauvage is about being aware of the outside boundaries and one’s own position in relation to those. For Alya, fear and desire work as transformative and transgressional aspects. In between her affective body and the world which tries to force its boundaries on her, she finds that in between those outside images and her inner affective response, there is a space, a gap, and in the movement between is where she becomes who she is in a process that is a constant negotiation. The subject that emerges in the end of the novel is not a unitary subject, but a nomadic one, that is constantly changing and becoming.

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