Kommuners arbete för att minska biltrafiken - Utmaningar och målkonflikter i Göteborg, Borlänge och Jönköping

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: There is a great need to figure out how to reach our many ambitious climate goals. This thesis focuses on municipal goals concerning reducing car traffic, and studies three municipalities (Göteborg, Borlänge and Jönköping) who have all adopted clear goals concerning decreased car traffic. The aim of this thesis is to identify potential goal conflicts and challenges within the municipalities’ work towards reducing car traffic and to see how and if the goals are reflected in the operative municipal planning, as seen in detailed plans. The thesis uses complementary methods: eight interviews with municipal officials and a document study of fifteen detailed plans. The interviews clearly show that several different challenges and goal conflicts are present within all three of the municipalities, in slightly varying ways. The results from the document study are more mixed. There are signs pointing to the goals concerning reduced car traffic being reflected in the detailed plans, but there are also more “pragmatic” tendencies that promote car traffic. Further, the tendencies that show a willingness to work for densification and mixed-use development cannot necessarily be attributed to a desire to reduce car traffic, since this is not clearly expressed within the detailed plans.

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