MOSIPPA (Pulsatilla vernalis) Att föröka en hotad art ex-situ

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvård

Sammanfattning: The purpose of my research has been to collect and report the propagation method around the threatened species Spring pasque flower (Pulsatilla vernalis), and to form a template for what a propagation manual could look like. The material was collected at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden and at Remmene shooting range in Vårgårda. The people who participated in interviews and / or practiced the craft methods have been staff at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, and staff from the County Administrative Board in Västra Götaland. My research methods consisted of participatory observation, photo, film, conversations in connection with the execution of the propagation methods and interviews about the method when planting in the field.The result of the survey is an example of how to capture craft knowledge, and convey the details of generative propagation of the endangered species P. vernalis. The manual is an example template for a way of describing ex situ propagation, where several parts of the process can be applied to other species, while others are more specific to P. vernalis. The thesis also shows how important it is to collaborate between different parties, where gardeners and nature conservationists come together to share their knowledge and experiences. This exchange of knowledge leads to greater understanding of the conservation work of endangered species and contributes to a major step in the right direction to protect and preserve our biodiversity.

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