DEN TILLHÖRIGHETSSKAPANDE MÖTESPLATSEN - Folkbiblioteket som mötesplats i svensk biblioteksdebatt

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Avdelningen för ABM och digitala kulturer

Sammanfattning: This Master's thesis concerns the public library as a public meeting place. Our aim has been to find out why and how the library as a social meeting place has been discussed within the Swedish library community and if there has been a constant core in the discussions from the mid 70's and up to the present day. In order to do this we apply a place and space-perspective. The result of the study is that the core of the said discussions concerning the library as a meeting place is to create belongingness. This is the reason why the library community has an interest in the public library's function as a meeting place with the idea that people, by using the public library in that aspect, may experience a feeling of belonging to the society. This may have a beneficial effect both on the individual and on general society as well.

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