Att främja patientsäkerhet

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Sammanfattning: Background: The operating theatre nurse's work takes place in a high-tech environment,which places demands on both technical and non-technical skills. Seeing and confirming thevulnerable patient in this context can be a challenge, but is necessary to promote well-beingand counteract mental illness. Previous research has highlighted the importance of teamworkand communication in providing safe care. However, not as much research has focused onoperating theatre nurses' experiences of the actions and conditions that promote patient safety.Aim: To shed light on the operating theatre nurses' experiences of perioperative nursing witha focus on nursing care and conditions that promote patient safety.Method: A systematic literature review was conducted in which a customized model byBettany- Saltikov and McSherry (2016) was performed.Results: The result highlighted the many actions and conditions that promote patient safetybased on the experience of operating theatre nurses. The result resulted in three maincategories; Meeting with the patient, Protecting the patient and Teamwork andcommunication.Conclusion: Operating theatre nurses' experiences in promoting patient safety were reflectedin both actions and conditions that were considered to be significant. Meeting the patientprovided the opportunity to provide confirmation and assurance. Operating theatre nursesstrived to protect the patient both physically and mentally throughout the perioperativeprocess, which was done with the help of several measures. Teamwork and communicationwere described to be of great importance for patient safety as a well-functioning team withgood communication cooperated better, which provided the space to address risks.

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