Vi har problem - om medvaro i ljuset av klimatkrisen

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Filosofi

Sammanfattning: This essay tries to find a possible way for us to deal with the questions concerning climate change by looking into an alternative conception of being. One can speak of the ongoing climate change as a crisis that concerns all of human kind and all beings on earth, but how can we fight it together? The situation demands us to re-think how we humans exist together and among other beings. Despite that the situation calls for instant and radical action, we seem unwilling to do enough. We get stuck on questions about who should take action: is it the politicians or each one alone, or is there something in between? By looking more deeply into the concept of Mitsein as Martin Heidegger depicts it in Being and Time, Jean-Luc Nancy brings to light a possible way past the problematic thought of Heidegger. Nancy shows us in Being Singular Plural that Heideggers exposition on Mitsein is a mere sketch when considering the full potential of the concept. By determining Mitsein as being fundamentally-ontologically originary and anterior to the individuation of Dasein, Nancy opens up a whole new field of thought. According to Nancy, the existential analytic has to begin with something like a ”co-existential analytic”, which will draw the lines for how we exist being-with. With a concept like being singular plural and his way of conceptualizing meaning, Nancy might give us some possible tools to cope with our situation today. Nancys actuality is confirmed by the ecological philosopher Mick Smith, who emphasizes the demand for a new approach towards nature and what it means to be. Smith adds to the essay a glimpse of an emerging philosophical discourse about the thought of an ecological community, where the concept of being singular plural could possibly play a central part.

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