FinTech och den svenska banksektorn : En kvalitativ studie om FinTech utvecklingens inverkan i de svenska storbankerna

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Företagsekonomi

Sammanfattning: Digitalization is a comprehensive area today that is constantly evolving, with the aim of streamlining business processes to promote both individuals and companies. In line with today's ongoing development of digitalization, the growth of FinTech has had a major impact in the banking sector. This is because FinTech has contributed to the possibility of establishing innovative financial services, as banks have previously lacked this capability. FinTech companies are covered by higher innovation capacity and banks are thus today facing challenges, to create value for their customers. While FinTech development promotes opportunities for banks, cyber risks and threats also occur because of the rapid changes. This study aimed to describe how the major Swedish banks express that they relate to the relationship with FinTech companies, and whether the major banks experience increased cyber risks, in connection with the FinTech development. The major Swedish banks include SEB, Swedbank and Handelsbanken and have thus been applied as study objects. A qualitative study was conducted using primary data collection from semi-structured interviews. Secondary data have also been obtained from the Swedish major banks' published documents and literature collections, which have been considered regarding the study's theoretical frame of reference. The results of the study showed that the major Swedish banksfind opportunities for collaboration with FinTech companies, as a collaboration can streamline the major banks' slow-moving and complex systems and contribute to new FinTech solutions. However, Handelsbanken differs from the remaining major banks, as they have chosen not to include external FinTech companies to the same extent. In conclusion, it was also stated that all major banks are experiencing increased exposure to cyber risks, because of FinTech's development, which contributes to rapid changes in society.

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