The transformation to digital : How industry 4.0 affects the digital transformation – a study of industry 4.0 and how it affects the digital transformation at a large Swedish manufacturing company.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för informatik (IK)

Författare: Adis Hodzic; [2021]

Nyckelord: Industry 4.0; Digital Transformation; Implementation.;

Sammanfattning: The fourth industrial revolution is the latest revolution that has emerged within the industrial sector. The concept has become more known in recent years and with the different technologies it brings to the companies, it creates a race around the world for companies in order to be among the first to implement the new technologies. With the growing interest in industry 4.0 and the implementation of the new technologies, it has created a need to rethink on how to be successful in this transformation. To be successful in implementing industry 4.0 it is important to involve all the different aspects of a company’s supply chain. This qualitative study aims to investigate how industry 4.0 affects the digital transformation at a large manufacturing company in Sweden. The thesis includes five different technologies within industry 4.0: Internet of things, the cloud, simulations, autonomous robots and big data and analytics. The five technologies are then investigated on how they affect the digital transformation of the chosen company. The results of the findings shows that industry 4.0 has an affect on the digital transformation of the company after it was implemented. However, the results also shows that some technologies have had a greater impact to the digital transformation then others, but there isn´t one technology that has not affected the transformation at all. Additionally, the results shows that the part of digital transformation that is affected the most from industry 4.0 is the changes it creates in the value creation of the company. This thesis aims to create a better understanding about industry 4.0 and how it affects the digital transformation of a large manufacturing company.

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