När mallar brister : Ett möte mellan teori och praktik på biblioteket

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Centrum för praktisk kunskap

Sammanfattning: In this scientific essay I explore my profession as a library adviser within the public library sector. The focus in my exploration is on the relation between theory and practice and how this relation is carried to the extreme in a situation where the theory consists of quantitative measuring. This situation triggers a conflict within me, and in the essay I reflect on the reasons for this with the aid of various philosophers and authors, in order to get a deeper understanding of my actions, and to see if I acted with good judgement in the sense of Aristotle´s phronesis. In my writing and exploring I also search for a way onwards, a better way to connect theory with practice in my meetings with library staff. My conclusions are that a first step would be to give practice precedence and start talking about the relation between practice and theory instead of the other way around. Further steps are a deeper understanding of the importance of dialogue, to see the perspective of the other and to dare to remain in, and to make the most of, the moment when theory and practice collide.

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