Värderingar, ansvar och affärer : En fallstudie om hur Löfbergs Lilas värderingar påverkar företagets CSR-arbete och affärer

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för ekonomi, kommunikation och IT; Karlstads universitet/Fakulteten för ekonomi, kommunikation och IT



This master thesis is a hermeneutic inspired case study of how the value base regarding the environmental and social responsibility in the Swedish coffee company Löfbergs Lila AB is affecting the company's business. A thesis inspired by hermeneutics means that it is based on two ideas, the one of interaction between entirety and partitions and the one of interpretation (Alvesson & Sköldberg 1994). This cause that the emphasis is on how the reality is interpreted and that it never can be seen as completely objective.

The case study was conducted during the spring semester of 2010 at Karlstad's University and consists of both empirical and theoretical material collected during this time. The empirical material in this thesis includes, among other things, interviews with four representatives of Löfbergs Lila AB, written material from the company regarding its work related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), some information about the coffee industry as a whole and different certifications for "ethical‟ coffee that exists on the Swedish market.

The basic idea with CSR as a business strategy is that it can be financially beneficial for companies to take a social and environmental responsibility outside of the company (Vogel 2005). There are also those who believe that it is easier for small and medium sized enterprises to implement and conduct CSR-related work compared to larger companies due to their size and because the owners is more engaged in the business. The CSR-related work at Löfbergs Lila AB is largely based on the owners (Löfbergs family) values of what is considered being "the right thing to do‟, but there are also financial incentives that causes the company to active engage in CSR.

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