Möten i digitaliserade terapirum : En studie om upplevelser av den terapeutiska relationen över videolänk.

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: Abstract Author: Michaela Jonsson Title: Meeting through the lens: A study addressing the experiences of therapists who practice their work through video-conference tools. Supervisor: Martin Bergström Assessor: Eva Palmblad In the last two decades, the social work field has expanded its venues to reach digital platforms. Although digitalization isn’t a new concept, there is still a concern amongst social work professionals that the digital tools will affect the therapeutic relationship and alliance. The aim of this study was therefore to explore the experience of professionals whom meet clients through the lens of videoconference-tools. The study sought to understand how the professionals experienced the therapeutic relationship in a digital therapeutic space. Furthermore, the study also sought to investigate the attitudes of professionals regarding this communication-tool and its effect on the therapeutic relationship. The study was conducted using qualitative interviews. The participants were strategically selected and consist of seven Swedish therapists; educated in psychotherapy. Theoretical framework such as symbolic interactionism, communication theories and parts of the dramaturgical theory by Erving Goffman were applied the material to analyze and make sense of the empirical data. The main findings of this study suggest that it is possible to establish a therapeutic relationship through digital platforms. Even so, professionals say that these videoconference-tools has an impact on the relationship and the emotional bond between the therapist and client. The empirical data indicates negative attitudes amongst the professionals, toward these videoconference-tools, in terms of what effect they have on the interaction. The collected data also suggests that the context, in which the therapeutic work is conducted, carries meaning to the professionals and affect their experience.

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