Improving facility layout & logistics to increase the material flow efficiency

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för maskinteknik (MT)

Sammanfattning: When the internal logistics of a company is in a well working condition, the manufacturing process is more efficient and a more efficient material handling process can be developed. A company with the interest of decreasing internal material handling is Scapa Bedding AB, a middle size bed manufacturer situated in Rydaholm, Sweden. Today, Scapa Bedding AB is facing a problem since there is no documentation regarding the material handling, no maps have been developed that displays the internal transports. This thesis attends the question of how to decrease the material handling within the production areas. To construct a solution for the material handling problem tools such as PDCA and DMAIC were used as a foundation in the development of a model that would be applicable on a company of this size. The purpose of the work is to locate and identify the wasteful activities regarding the material handling, and to streamline the activities to reach a minimum of material handling. By extracting data from observations, discussions and interviews the thesis will provide the reader with a problem background and a constructed model the tackle the problem. The model will provide support to locate inefficiencies within the company and in a later stage to develop improvement alternatives relevant to the case. The chosen improvement alternative will in a cost effective way be a solution to the problem.

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