Orsaker till låg hörapparatsanvändning bland äldre och möjliga interventioner för ökad användning- En litteraturstudie

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för neurovetenskap och fysiologi

Sammanfattning: Hearing impairment is a worldwide problem among elderly which can lead to serious health consequences. Eventhough research has shown that hearing aids can increase quality of life, the adoption of hearing aids in this agegroupis still low across the world.ObjectiveThe aim of this study was to investigate and describe reasons for non-use of hearing aids among the elderly andinterventions in audiological rehabilitation that can increase hearing aid use by compiling research from differentparts of the world.MethodA literature review was conducted to identify relevant studies that illustrate the specific research questions. Thesearch was done in PubMed and the final material consisted of 20 original articles published between 2004-2016.These articles were reviewed and summarized.ResultsThe results showed that the most commonly reported reasons for low hearing aid use was "No perceivedbenefit", "Difficult handling/poor motor skills", "Poor comfort" and "No perceived need". Counseling in variousforms, internet-based rehabilitation programs and group rehabilitation were interventions that could improvehearing aid use.ConclusionHearing aid use among elderly was low worldwide. There were differences and similarities to the reasons whyolder people are not using hearing aids and interventions that could increase use. More research is needed toidentify interventions that may increase hearing aid use.

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