Utvecklingsmöjligheter inom Due Diligence i fastighetstransaktioner

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Fastigheter och byggande

Sammanfattning: Due Diligence is today an important part of the transaction process through sales of properties and is an important process for both sellers and buyers. The process intends to review an asset before a transaction to minimize the risks associated with the acquisition by detecting weaknesses and verify the asset's characteristics. The use of Due Diligence has become increasingly common over the past twenty years in the Swedish real estate market and there is no indication that this trend will decrease but rather increase. Although there is widespread use of the process both in acquisitions of corporations and properties, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world, it is costly for the purchasers and the concept is far from fully developed. This thesis aims to clarify what the real estate market thinks about the potential development of the process itself and the role of the actors. The main question is what opportunities exist to develop the concept of Due Diligence in real estate transactions. Given the high economic values that are found in real estate transactions, it is highly relevant to perform Due Diligence and therefore it is also important to review the opportunities to change this process if it is requested and feasible. The conclusions of the thesis shows that the actors in the real estate market believes that there are opportunities for development in the use of Due Diligence The possibilities includes seller's expanded role in information gathering , process delays , clearer and more transparent processes and a continuous development of the actors’ own processes. The thesis concludes with four proposals for a development process: An increased use of Due Diligence conducted by the seller as a complement to the buyer's own investigation, clearer procurement of consultants from the real estate owners, more accessible information earlier in the process from the sellers and consistent monitoring of the implemented processes.

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