Hur påverkar din glada recension andras köp?

Detta är en C-uppsats från Handelshögskolan i Stockholm/Institutionen för marknadsföring och strategi

Sammanfattning: During recent years electronic word of mouth (eWOM) has been a hot topic within the field of marketing. This type of media is often referred to as "customer owned" and consists of online communication among consumers about a company's product or service. Such communication has been shown to have an impact on perceptions and intentions. Product reviews, where consumers shared their experience along with a product offering, is a common source of communication which builds on eWOM. In this study we explore the specific effects of positive eWOM, and how these affect consumers purchase intention. More precisely the purpose of this study is to create deeper insight concerning the effect eWOM, taking the form of product reviews with positive valence, has on brand attitude, perceived product quality, perceived risk, trust and purchase intention along with a product offer. In order to examine this, we conducted a quantitative experiment. This took the form of a survey which was distributed digitally on the internet. We received 134 valid responses. The respondents were divided into a treatment group and a control group, where the treatment group were exposed to a product offer containing product reviews and the control group were exposed to a product offer without product reviews. The results of the study show that eWOM does not have an evident effect on brand attitude and trust. However, we can identify that eWOM has an effect on perceived product quality and perceived risk. This indicates that consumers experience product quality as higher and risk as lower when exposed to positive reviews along with a product offer. Furthermore, all examined variables, aside from brand attitude, show a direct effect on purchase intention. A mediating effect on the relationship between eWOM and purchase intention could not be ensured for the examined variables. Also, a direct effect between eWOM and purchase intention could not be ensured statistically.

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