Sveriges bostadsbrist

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Kulturgeografi

Sammanfattning: Sweden’s housing crisis Tim Sonesson ABSTRACT: This study aims to describe and analyze Sweden’s housing crisis. The purpose is to better understand why Sweden has a lack of housing in most of her municipalities. So that in the long run the current situation can be improved. The study is a literature study of materials such as state investigations, numbers from SCB (Swedish statistics bureau) and a variety of other different material.The main point is that the building speed does not correspond to the increase in population. Therefore, this study lifts the population development and different regulations, taxes, and subsidies regarding housing construction. The study compares Sweden to a handful of comparable countries with focus on regulations. Mismatches in demand and supply regarding the housing market is also brought up. More topics that in some way relates to this issue are brought up such as the competition in the construction market could be unhealthy and that could be why the construction prices are high. Maybe there is a fear of really take care of the problem from the government due to the last big housing projects failures (Miljonprogrammet). Sweden tops the list of most single households in the world, that could be a small part of the problem. The study also goes through the role of the Swedish municipalities which has a big role to play in the housing situation. Finally, the study tries to look forward to get some sort of grip in which direction Sweden is going, if the housing crisis is going to be solved any time soon or not.

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