Standardization vs. Adaption within Advertising

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Purpose: The purpose of the thesis is to fill the research gap as previous research on the topic of interest lacks a country specific research on how culture effects standardization vs. adaptation by MNCs in emergent markets, in context to a specific advertising strategy. By providing a unique cross-cultural study on five different emergent markets (China, Pakistan, Mexico, Turkey and CWAR) the researchers aims to provide the readers with theoretical knowledge on already published research and furthermore compare the literature with the empirical findings to answer the research question: How MNCs standardize or adapt a global marketing strategy in context to advertising within emerging markets? Methodology/Approach: The researchers use an explorative research design using a holistic case study method on the global brand Nescafé. The researchers imply an abductive approach, by combining the previous literature and primary data gathered through semi-structured interviews with key people within the Nestlé organization on the global marketing strategy the REDvolution. Analysis/Findings: The findings from the analysis, provides an overview of how Nestlé implemented a global marketing strategy within the five emergent markets. The findings show that a strategic framework was provided from the Head Quarters of Nestlé, which contained a set of standard guidelines for the local markets to follow including: brand logo, brand slogan, color themes and packaging. In addition, to the standardized elements the findings covered how the cultural elements within each market influenced the execution of the advertising strategy locally. The findings showed that MNCs could not completely standardize all elements of the advertising strategy thus standardization is only confined to visual elements of the brand, as the cultural elements play a profound role for a successful execution within the local markets. Finally, the findings showed that language, religion and local consumer habits, are the key elements that highly effect the advertising strategy when MNCs adapt to the local cultures.

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