A Product Development of Safety Car Seats for Children

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Högskolan i Halmstad; Högskolan i Halmstad

Sammanfattning: Car accidents happens daily, and it is very important to protect all involved in a carno matter the age. Persons that are old enough and can take care of themselves, usescar seat belts to be protected in traffic. A child, however, must be placed andfastened in a safety seat by a parent or another caregiver, to be fully protected. Children that are correctly secured in safety seats have a 2.7 times bigger chance tosurvive a car crash without serious injuries compared to unstrained children (Berget al., 2000; WHO,2004). Regardless tests and safety seats that are available ontoday’s market, there are still issues that needs to be eliminated. Daily users of thisproduct are a good starting point since these people want a safe seat for their childthat can be easy to install and affordable; and they can best tell what issues theyencounter. Based on several scientific articles in a combination with interviews andobservations, issues with the safety seats could be confirmed. The primary issue isthe seat belt that is attached to the safety seat. Children can develop a habit ofwriggling out of the belt in safety seats. There are belt collectors available on themarket which holds the shoulder belts in place. In this way, it is harder for thechildren to slide out of the belt and helps to keep the belt properly positioned(BeSafe, 2018). Instead of having this as an accessory, it has been considered in thebelt that have been developed. Another issue is that the belt is complicated tofastened since two straps has to be simultaneously clicked in the belt buckle. If thisis done incorrectly, the belt cannot be fastened, and it takes time to try it again. Tomake this easier, two straps and the strap between the child's leg will be fastenedseparately in a seat buckle each. In this way, parents and other caregivers will beable to fasten the belt easy and properly. They will also be sure that the child issafely fastened and will minimize injury during an accident or another situation.

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