COVID-19’s Impact on Consumer Behaviour, Brand Equity and Loyalty. : -A qualitative study analysing how the COVID-19 pandemic affects consumer behaviour and brand loyalty & equity

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: Purpose - This study's purpose is to compile literature on consumer behaviour, brand loyalty and equity and to investigate how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have affected consumer behaviours, brand loyalty and equity in Sweden.Design/methodology/approach - A theoretical framework was formed by three main concepts, consumer behaviours, brand loyalty and equity. To collect empirical evidence, two qualitative methods were used: (1) semi structured interviews and (2) a focus group. The data manifesto was assessed using manifesto analysis of qualitative data according to Granheim & Lundmans’ (2004) framework. The theoretical framework was used in the analysis and coding of the data.Findings - COVID-19 has brought immediate effects on consumer behaviours such as pent-up demands and embracing digital technology. Brands facing the challenges of adapting to the current environment in order to satisfy current consumers and secure brand loyalty. In this context, most of the companies start developing brand equity online, including online services and digital advertisements. Offline servicescapes have also been changed to fit the current regulations.Research limitations/implications - Quantitative research can be done nationwide to generate a more complete understanding of the whole Swedish market.Originality/value - This study contributes to the literature observing the changes in consumer behaviours, brand loyalty and brand equity during the pandemic period in the Swedish market. Furthermore, the research analyses the relationships among these changes to find the pattern.Keywords - Consumer behaviour, Consumer habits, Customer experience, Brand loyalty, Brand equity, COVID-19 Pandemic.

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